Saturday, May 9, 2009
Treblinka - Kripa Nidhi

At this station no one
arrives by train 
The rail-tracks disappear
in to the quiet woods 
where birds of a new generation 
above a pile of rocks 
carved with ‘Never again.’ 
Not a leaf stirs in the silence - 
a silence that doesn’t 
want to wake up 
and remember.  

This was where they all 
disembarked - 
the ones who would never 
board another train. 
This was where, 
the fathers and mothers 
who ran 
scared and unashamed 
before their children 
to board a train 
in stations far away,
This was where the children
too afraid to travel alone 
before their mother tearlessly
consoled them, 
‘You’ll be safe’ 
And this was the path 
they all walked - 
this dirt trail 
once devoid of hope. 

This was where they 
shed their last 
strand of dignity 
and stood naked, 
packed skin-to-skin 
hoping waiting praying
for the trickle from the showerhead. 
Before their doors were sealed 
and the guard yelled 
“Ivan, Wasser!” 
and the terrible engines 
roared to life. 

Standing on this 
quiet cold earth 
generations later - 
a tourist with a camera 
from a land that almost slept 
peacefully though it all - 
instead of singing like the birds 
I think 
I get it. 

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  • At May 14, 2009 at 4:12 PM, Blogger @lankr1ta

    I read this poem on caferati a few days ago. It has haunted me since. It is really very moving. In a few ords you have said it all- even our own apathy as a younger generation from a "land that slept through it"